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Internet Of Things

01. Who are we?

Apostrophe IoT is a group of software developers and IT professionals offering numerous industrial IoT solutions powered by Microsoft, OSIsoft and Appincode technologies.

Our IIOT expertise includes OT-IT integration, database and warehouse development, analytics and application development.
Our IT professionals and engineers bring long time experience to projects.

We continuously look for new strategic partnerships making our IIOT solutions more diverse.

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Internet Of Things

We strive to continually combine the industrial
and IT areas, providing clients with solutions tailored to them, including the visualization of industrial data in web applications, data collection from sensors, and cloud-based services


We implement PI System software and provide services in the field of data visualization

Information Technology

We provide services in the field of software development, including advanced dashboards, applications for enterprise management, data warehousing, videoconferencing support

02. Our values & goals

Our main goal is to create a customer-focused software and company
in which we define ourselves and our work culture, and create good conditions for team development and collaboration.

We want our specialists, often tired of bad working atmosphere
or lack of development opportunities in other companies, to be able
to develop freely with new technologies in good relations in a team with a common goal.

We always try to keep up to date with the changing business requirements of our customers and to adapt our product to them.

03. What Can We Do

Documents management
Database area
Conceptual design
Web Applications
mobile applications
Industrial area
Information Technology

04. Our projects & competences

We can boast of many years of experience in software development based on the Microsoft .NET platform.

At the same time we create software in the area of databases, data warehouses and extensive data integration processes in many technologies such as SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird or SQLite.

We also have experience in area of ​​activity related to the design and optimization of classic database solutions and embedded databases.

In the industrial area, we have experience with tools such as Siemens products, Step7, TIA Portal.
We also program PLC controllers, microcontrollers and we deal with visualization of industrial processes.
From 2016, we are also developing in the area of ​​OSIsoft PI System technology.

Some of our projects:
1. An application for managing documents and clients for cloud and embedded solutions for small and medium enterprises

2. Design and implementation of a comprehensive video conferencing solution

3. An expert platform based on a data warehouse that provides users with business and financial data in various output formats

4. Web application to support and automate the work of internal company teams

5. Web application for integrating internal financial data for sharing and management assistance for bank employees from various departments

6. Database platform for business management of bank accounts, costs and revenues

7. Implementation and hardware configuration of the project aimed at reducing the costs of technical solutions of an industrial company in the scope of electricity consumption

8. Development of an application working with mass storage, invoicing, reporting

9. An application supporting the work of a telecommunications company

05. Our partners

Cooperating with Microsoft, we provide a solution that is an extension of the standard Office suite.
We are currently in the process of implementing a product designed for small and medium enterprises based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Microsoft Corporation

Starting from 2016, we are one of two Polish companies involved in the implementation of PI System software for industrial and IT areas.
We are also one of the two companies in the world that have the first access to one of the latest products - The OSIsoft Message Format.


Appincode remains our close associate in the area of ​​business and software delivery.
Our joint solution allows you to efficiently and conveniently manage your documents
and customer affairs from the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client application interface.

Appincode Sp. z o.o.

Together with the Częstochowa University of Technology, we implement and develop PI System solutions in our country, and we also support technological development in the field of young engineers by providing free access to OSIsoft software and tools and various test environments.

Czestochowa University of Technology

Precognize is a predictive maintenance software for the process industry, including chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and metallurgy sectors. It detects failures days to weeks in advance and provides early, accurate, and reliable alerts. Unlike other products, Precognize produces very few alerts.

The alerts cover any and every part that is measured in the machine. Precognize looks at all the sensors at once and concludes in advance what is going to go wrong.

Precognize is based on teams that are entering their knowledge via simple drag and drop user interface. The Operation team influences the solution more than anything else, without the need for any analytical or statistical skills.


06. Get in Touch

Contact us freely to express your opinion, questions or if you are interested in our software offer.

We are open to any proposal of cooperation and suggestions of people interested in our activity or software.

Have a good day!

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